How Fall Line Farms Works

fall-line-farms-markethaulABOUT FALL LINE FARMS

Fall Line Farms is a non-profit online farmers market in Richmond, Virginia. A program of the Center for Rural Culture, we are a producers’ co-op of small family farms and local businesses providing fresh local food year round to our members.

As a member you order when you want – there is no requirement to order every week. You shop by the item and there is NO MINIMUM ORDER. With one order and one payment, you are able to order directly from 45 producers.

Our farmers share with you details about their products and their practices so you can make the best decisions for your family’s health and nutrition needs. Completely transparent, you will know exactly where your food is coming from and are encouraged to contact your farmers directly with questions.


Our program works on a Weekly Cycle.

The Buying Pages open Friday noon and close Monday at midnight. During that time, members  are able to order products available that week from our local producers. Orders are delivered to the pickup locations on the following Thursday.

Pickup at preferred locations is on Thursday between 3:00 and 6:00pm.

Fall Line Farms online farmers market program is not a farm share program. With this program you can shop by the item from any of our participating farms like shopping from any online catalogue. You only pay for what you order each week. There is no minimum or maximum order and you are not required to order each week. The registration fee covers marketing, logistics and administrative expenses associated with running the program.

With one order, one payment and one pick up, you can order food from over 75 different Virginia family owned and operated farms and small businesses from the comfort of your home.

Become a member

Consider volunteering to receive free membership. Contact us for information on volunteering.